Creating your own project involves a lot of tensions and anxieties in the current scenario. The whole processes which involves concerns during its various stages are designing, master planning, finance, material, labour and time management, quality maintenance, execution, controlling, etc. of the project.
We, engg.2u Engineering Solutions, as a Project Management Consultancy, can befriend you to overcome all these tensions and confusions with ease because of our team structure of experts with a working background of over a decade. We can guide you through the right path to create your dream project in to realityin the best way you want it to be such that all the resources are effectively utilized

Welcome U

Please Share Ur Dream project ideas

All the wonders in the world were once ideas in someone's mind. We give forms to ideas in minds of each one of you. So, come and share your ideas in our platform to create wonders in your life...

  • Our approach is to allow the project to take birth in its own uniqueness and identity, based on your vision or dream of how it should be.
  • On working on those ideas and visions, we create drawings as a medium of communication.
  • To create drawings, from your ideas, detailed discussions and interactions are needed so that we could work along with you to build your dream project in your own way.


Let us enter the project with a precise move

A detailed analysis of site conditions is needed so that we could help you to build the project in such a manner that the generated idea could get perfectly merged with the site conditions. This step can involve the following processes:

  • Precise site measurement
  • Detailed analysis of site conditions

Precise Site Measurement:

  • As the accuracy and precision of the project should start from the very basic level, the first step in the whole project development procedure is Precise Site Measurement.
  • With the help of most modern and advanced technologies, like Total Station, GPS survey, etc., the measurements are taken with utmost precision and accuracy.

Detailed analysis of Site Conditions:
The following parameters and conditions about the project site are being studied in order to create designs complementary to the site conditions:

  • Location
  • Terrain features
  • Wind direction
  • Ground levels
  • Air pressure


Let us begin the journey with a confident smile...

After analyzing the various parameters, the execution strategy would be discussed.

During the discussion,project execution mode is confirmed and finalized with a mutual understanding.


Where our experience touches your ideas...

This is the point during the process in which our experience and creativity could help you with the development of your ideas about your dream project

The whole process of design development includes the following format of procedures:

a) Concept design

  • Concept designs are made such that all your needs could get involved.
  • During preparation of concept design, maximum feasibility, time management and effective cost management is effectively maintained.
    • Any number of improvisations could be made so as to create the best result without any extra cost.
    • To have effective communication with you, interactive presentations of the created work is done with the help of advanced technologies, such as presenting the drawing in a video format using softwares, etc are being done.

b) Master planning

  • Moving on to the master plan, every aspects of the project would get analyzed so that each and every resources could get effectively used.
  • The preparation of architectural designs is as important as the presentation drawings, to get completed in the most economical and eco-friendly way.

c) 3D visualization

  • The 3D Visualization of the project is an essential step towards the making of the project as it gives you the most precise details about the architectural, functional and aesthetic point of view.
  • We can provide our 3D Scale Modeling service as an advanced 3D visualization functional hand, to avoid errors during the execution of the project, if you demands for the same.

d) Design Finalization

  • Detailed discussions and interactions could be made to make improvisations in design until your comfortable satisfactory level is reached.

e) Preparing Approval Drawing

  • This involves preparation of sanction drawing, online submission of application and submission of the prepared drawing in the respective sanctioning authority.

f) Working Drawing

  • The following working drawings are being prepared by our expertise in the respective field for the execution of the design:
    • Working drawings
    • Structural drawings
    • Electrical drawings
    • Plumbing drawings


A Green signal from the authority......

We have a full fledged and well proven team structure with years of experience for the approval process from the sanctioning authority, both for online procedures and for manual formalities

You can be self-assured and fearless, in spite of the legal formalities and other difficulties during the process of approval as we can provide you with our expertise service.


Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress, and Working together is success

After getting the whole idea of the design of the project and its planning, the project execution starts

This is the point of time in a whole project, where the importance of a PMC comes to lime light.

With our experience in the field, we can assure you complete management and control over the whole project.

The execution procedure involves the following:


  • To prepare a detailed estimate, according to yourneeds and budget criteria, discussions and interactions would be carried out.
  • This is done to get a crystal clear clarity in finance management.


  • After finalizing on all construction materials, a detailed Bill of Quantities of each and every item that has to be used for the construction is made, which is commonly called a Tender.
  • In order to ensure the quality parameters, the quality specifications and legal conditions for execution of project are also mentioned in the tender.
  • With the prepared tender, quotations from reputed contractors are invited.
  • After receiving tender from all the contractors, rate comparison is done by creating a tender tabulation document using which we could select the most eligible / effective contractor.


  • An agreement is made with the contractor, which includes the terms and conditions, payment and work schedule, etc. using which we can ensure clarity to both the client and contractor.
  • The work could be started at any point of time, after the signing of the contractor and client in the agreement.
  • During the period of construction, all the procedures could get on their way smoothly without any clashes if tendering and agreement is present.


  • During the execution of the project, a site engineer will be present on the site for checking and inspecting, if the work is done with proper material management, such that excellent quality assurance is maintained.
  • The project progress analysis is done and will be reported to you on a daily basis.
  • Various engineering quality tests like Cube tests for characteristic compressive strength, solid block tests, etc., are also done to maintain quality during the project execution.


Concluding for a new beginning

After the completion of the project, it is presented to the client with prayers and wishes

This is the point where the professional aspects and emotional aspects meets which involves happiness, excitement and a satisfactory feel.