Directors Message


Managing Director

If God did not build it, Civil engineers did it...!

I am really blessed to get born and brought up in such a family atmosphere with my father, uncle and relatives working in the construction field, which had nurtured me with unbroken strength to continue to be in the province. Thus, with an inspiring childhood, a lot of exploration through the vast domain of Civil Engineering and Constructional activities became possible. Added to this, the Btech degree from Cochin University of Science And Technology had strengthened me by providing technical knowledge and encouraged to get into the depths of the field.

Afterwards, the major turning point in my expedition was the point where I decided to alter myself and started an own company. This had opened a new door to explore the creations and innovations of the Civil Engineering world. An ideal blend or integration of certain things results in the creation of marvels in the civil engineering field, thus, identifying those ingredients and their intensity are really important. I am so contented that I could travel so much to explore the scope and wideness of Civil Engineering and to gather experience through the interdependent relationships with the clients and their projects. And the journey continues...



I feel honored that I could work for more than 25 years in the Civil Engineering, Designing and Construction field and happy that I could be a part of the firm, engg2u, since its initial stage itself. During these years, the experience of working on projects in small plots to mega projects was incredible and inspired me to realize the depths of the Civil Engineering field and to provide consistent involvement in the field.

Our vision shall be the betterment of the construction, execution and management methods of the living and working space of our society in the most stable, resourceful, economical and eco-friendly way, which in turn helps us to explore the wide scope and ambit of Civil Engineering.